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Scam ptc sites – 8 tips on how to detect and avoid them!


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Like almost any business online ptc industry is full of scam ptc sites which appear out of nowhere with only intention to take people’s money. Hundreds of people join ptc sites every day trying to earn some extra money online.  Many administrators try to lure them to join and invest in their site promising them big earnings without any intention to pay them eventually. Every day many ptc sites are showing up and the vast majority of them will be closed within the next few weeks or months. Only a few of them have stood the test of time and remain online all these years.

In this article, we will see what are the signs of a possible scam site and how to avoid them. 


Signs of scam ptc sites

1.  High earnings promise

high payment scam site

If a site is offering earnings per click higher than 0,03$ then it will sure become scam sooner or later. It might be tempting in the beginning to join such a site but most probably you will not be able to cash out.

Those high earning ads are self-sponsored by the site admin as there is no way an advertiser to pay that high advertising rates. If the site doesn’t generate enough sales it would be impossible to pay all those members who are coming to the site lured by the high earnings the admin promises.

The same applies if the site is offering high referral earnings. Referral earnings a lot higher than 0,02$ should also ring a bell that a site is a scam.

Also, sites who are having a high prize for a referral contest or a high sign up bonus are good scam candidates.

2. The site does not have a forum

A forum is a place at the site that every member can join and exchange thoughts with other members and the admin. This is the second most important thing that you should look when joining a ptc site. If the forum doesn’t exist then don’t join.  An active and open to the public forum means that the site admin doesn’t have something to hide. 

Other things that you should check in a site forum that should make you suspicious:

  1. The admin is not active in the forum.
  2. The admin is the only one that posts in the forum.
  3. The forum has been reset many times.
  4. Low activity in the forum.
  5. There are only positive comments in the forum.
  6. When you post something in the forum that should be appeared immediately and not waiting for the admin’s approval.

3. Unknown admin or admin notorious from previous scam ptc sites.

Knowing the name of the person who is running a ptc site is always helpful to identify if a site is a scam or not. Honest admins are not hiding from the public and if you can find his credentials easily on the web that is always a good sign. Also, many admins of elite sites have an active presence at big ptc communities. 

One of the most common tactics that scam ptc sites owners have, is to open one scam site after another. Today it is very easy to open  PTC site, so they just create a new site with a new name and fresh graphics and wait for new ptc users to come and join their site. Always do a background check and if you find that an admin has previously scammed people, simply don’t join.

4. The site does not have a unique script.

Nowadays, it has become more and more easy to create a ptc site. Sites like and have given everyone the opportunity to create his own ptc site at a low cost and without the need to get into the technical hassle. It has become a little annoying as you can find hundreds of sites that are very similar to each other. A ptc admin whose purpose is to scam people would definitely not bother to create a unique script as the site is going to be closed in the next few weeks or months.

We are not saying that every site who is using ready scripts is going to be a scam.  Scarlet-Clicks and GPTPlanet are using EvolutionScript and they are doing just fine. But if we find a site that has a unique script that definitely adds some points os credibility to that site. Heedyou and ySense are two great examples of sites who have developed their own unique script.

You should be sceptical about sites who have an old or free script or an ugly appearance. If an admin doesn’t invest time or money on that how can be trusted to run a profitable ptc site. The same applies to sites that have copied the script of a successful ptc site.

You can use the following links to check if the site is running with a valid license for the scripts it is using. If not the don’t join that site.

  1. Evolution script
  2. Ptcpay
  3. Xeoncoder

5. Domain

You should be aware of sites that are using a domain similar to famous PTC sites in order to mislead users. is a very good example of such sites.

6. Self-sponsored ads, rented referrals, high upgrade levels.

The nature of ptc sites is to act as advertising platforms. Advertisers are buying advertising credits and the members of the site are getting paid to view those ads. That is the most ethical and sustainable way for the ptc site to earn some money. Every other way of making money increases the possibility of a site to become a scam.

Self-sponsored ads: ads that are sponsored by the admin, not by actual advertisers. This could be bad if the site does not generate enough advertising income for the admin to pay for those ads.

Rented referrals: it’s an open secret in the ptc industry that rented referrals are nothing but bots, controlled from the admin himself. So basically your earning potential is determined by the site admin if you decide to invest at rented referrals. Scam admins will make it impossible for members to earn from those referrals or even worse take the money invested and close the site.

High upgrade levels: When sites have multiple and expensive upgrades that mean that they are focusing on that way to earn money and not through selling advertising credits. That may not prove sustainable in the long run if members stop upgrading. Also, those sites will only let you have unlimited referrals only if you buy those expensive subscriptions.

In general, you should avoid working with sites that ask you to invest in them to be able to use their core functions.

7. Terms Of Service (TOS)

TOS stands for Terms of Service and are the rules set by the admin by which one must agree to abide by in order to use that site. What you should look in the TOS section of the site:

  1. The site must have a TOS and that should be easily found.
  2. The TOS should not be changed frequently.
  3. The minimum payment and the cashout options should be mentioned.
  4. You should find information about the referral policy of the site.
  5. The inactivity policy should be definitely stated to the TOS section (your account shouldn’t be deactivated after a few days of inactivity).
  6. It should be clearly stated for what reasons an account is going to be suspended.

8. Payments

A legit ptc site should have a payment proof section. That way you can be ensured that members have been paid on that site. If your pending payment is appearing in that section but you haven’t received any money that is not a good indication for that site you should probably leave it alone.

Also, its good for a site to have a membership count with the total amount of money that has been paid to members and the total number of members. If you see payments that are not justified compared to other legit ptc sites you should be cautious about that site.

scam sites total payments fake stats

Some site admins will ask you to invest in order to proceed with payment. That is definitely not a good sign especially if this term cannot be found in the site’s TOS section. Other sites will only make few payments a day to non-investing members. By doing selective payments they are forcing out standard members who are not renting referrals or buying expensive upgrades. That is an unethical practice and you should avoid spending more time on that site.

What should you do to avoid a scam ptc site?

Besides checking all those things that we have mentioned before I  would also to suggest to do the following:

  1. Join the sites that have been established for years.  As we have seen at the beginning of the article many ptc sites are going live every day and most of the will turn into a scam. That can be frustrating especially at the beginning of your ptc journey. By joining the most legit sites your can be sure that will earn some money. A list of those sites can be found on this page.
  2. Check other reviews and information on the net. Especially forums for ptc users such as and can be a very good source of information about ptc sites.
  3. Do not invest a big sum of money to new ptc sites. If you decide to invest after all start with a small investment and try to cash out that amount as soon as possible.

I hope that you have found that post informative on how to detect and avoid scam ptc sites. If so feel free to share this post or leave a comment below.

Scammers are always finding new ways to cheat people. If you have been scammed in a different way than those referred in this post feel free to leave a comment below.




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Author Profile

I am Bill and I am from Greece. I am an active user at many PTC and GPT sites.
Also, I participate in many other online income websites and I am always searching for new earning opportunities. In my posts, you will find info about those opportunities and how I manage to create an income online.


I am Bill and I am from Greece. I am an active user at many PTC and GPT sites. Also, I participate in many other online income websites and I am always searching for new earning opportunities. In my posts, you will find info about those opportunities and how I manage to create an income online.

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