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InstaGC review – Earn money online by doing simple tasks


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About InstaGC

InstaGC is a free membership rewards site that has been online since 2011. You earn points for participating is simple offers and tasks which you can redeem for digital gift cards,  e-checks, direct deposits,  and PayPal cash!

Registration is open to residents 18+ years old or 13+ years old with parental consent. Permitted countries include all countries and regions that are supported by PayPal, excluding China and Vietnam. However, members from the US, UK, CA, or AU will have more earning opportunities. Accounts that have not been logged into for six months or more are deemed inactive and points earned in these accounts are null and void.

How to earn money from InstaGC

At InstaGC you can earn points by completing various tasks and activities. Once you have accumulated enough points, you can redeem for great rewards. You can earn points in the following ways.

  • Offerwals

Receive points by completing tasks such as downloading software or mobile apps, filling out surveys, signup for trials and more. Those are provided by external partners to the site and are the same that we have seen in our PTC and GPT site reviews. Some of them are shown in the picture below. Of course, new providers are added all the time.

instaGC offerwalls

  • Surveys

Surveys are a great source of points. Unfortunately, only members form specific countries will have those earning opportunities.

Before attempting your first survey, you would need to make sure your profile information is completely filled out. Once this is done, complete your standard profile – which is located on the survey page itself. These actions will help ensure that you are matched to the most appropriate surveys.

For more information on how to complete surveys, you can refer to this guide.

  • Search the web

Use InstaGC search engine as a drop-in replacement for your current one to earn points.

In order to get your points, you should do genuine searches and click results that you’re interested in. Abusing the search will result in a ban.

  • Appen tasks.

The tasks are provided by Appen (formerly Crowdflower or Figure Eight), a crowdsourcing service that enables you to work on small tasks giving the opportunity to earn some extra cash. It can be a good alternative to those members who have fewer offer and surveys available. In the picture below you can find some examples of that tasks.figure-eight tasks at InstaGC

If you have accessed Appen from multiple sources, you would need to ensure to set InstaGC as your preferred channel from your Appen profile.

More information on how to do tasks you can find in this article.

  • Videos

Watching videos is another earning activity at InstaGC. Those videos are provided through several different video partners. Unfortunately, Videos are mostly available to members from specific countries only.

Videos will credit 1 point for 20 videos guaranteed. In addition, members may receive a weekly bonus for their video viewing. You can use multiple devices to watch videos but you should make sure that each video window is active / in-view and that the sound is on.

  • Visit websites

Receive points by visiting and browsing websites. When visiting a site, make sure that the page fully loads and that you browse around for at least 5 seconds to ensure you get credited for your visit. Be sure to check back daily as most of these offers are repeatable.

  • Referrals

By spreading the word about InstaGC and inviting others to sign up through your referral URL, these new members become your referrals. Receive 10 points (restrictions apply) for each that signs up and confirms their email address. In addition, receive 10% of earnings from all referrals except from bonuses they receive. The commision structure is shown in the image below.

InstaGC referral rewards structureThere is no limit to the number of referrals you can get and to the number of referral bonuses you can receive.

  • Point booster codes

Point booster codes are used to increase your point total. They are either admin, member, or system generated.

There are three types of point booster codes:

  • Admin-generated codes can be found in the Chat, on random instaGC pages, on social pages.
  • Member-generated codes can be found primarily in the Chat as well as wherever else that member chooses to post it at.
  • System-generated codes can be found in the Chat.

Admin or system generated point booster codes are redeemable to active members only (at least one task in the past five days). Member-generated codes can be redeemed no matter your activity level.

  • Weekly bonus

Completing tasks (offers, surveys, videos, etc) and referring users will earn you “Bonus Units”. For referring you earn 10 bonus units for every new referral that has joined in the last 30 days and completed their first task worth 5 or more points. For completing tasks bonus units are shown in the image below

Bonus units for completing tasks at InstaGC


Each bonus unit is equal to 0.01%, therefore 100 bonus units are equal to 1% bonus. Each day you can earn a max of 100 bonus units. The max you can earn in a week, including rollover (discussed below), is 500 bonus units (5%).

Half of whatever bonus you earn in a week will automatically rollover to the following week for free. For example, if you earn a 4% bonus in a week you’ll start with 2% the next week instead of starting completely back over at 0%.

The bonus percentage will be applied to the total amount of points you earned from referrals and tasks for the week. For example, if your bonus percentage is 2.5% and you received 1,000 points completing tasks + 500 points from referrals completing tasks, then you would receive 37.5 points (1500 * 2.5%).

  • Contests

There two types of competitions that you can enter and earn points, the decimal pot and sports competitions.

1.The decimal pot.

Get rid of any decimals in your points balance and enter for a chance to win the weekly decimal jackpot. You can also enter with max 1 point. No matter the number of times you enter, you will have 1 entry in the jackpot. The system will randomly select winners from those entered and split the prize pot. (1st prize = 50%, 2nd prize = 35%, 3rd prize = 15%).

InstaGC decimal pot contest

2.Sports competition.

Whether you know much about sports or not, everyone can participate in the sports contests. You must use your own points to enter. Once entered, you will choose a winner for each game as well as your guess at the final score of all games combined. Top three members who do the best will split prize pot.

Pending and frozen points

InstaGC doesn’t control offer crediting. Since offers credit automatically based on cookies and tracking pixels, some could be credited right away while others might take a few days.  Also in some cases, the external partner will review your submitted responses to ensure there are no issues. Those points that are not credited immediately are called pending points.

Frozen points are those which are credited but are not added to your current points balance. This is done for loss prevention and precaution.

InstaGC rewards

We have seen above all the available ways to earn points at InstaGC. Those points can be redeemed into one of the following rewards.

  • Paypal

You need to have a verified Paypal account in order to receive rewards. A $0.20 fee is assessed per redemption except from the first of every month. The first PayPal request is manually processed within 1-7 business days. Once the first has been processed, future requests will be instantly processed (as long as the amount is less than $25). The minimum amount to request redemption is 100 points (1$).

Note that if you are from Canada, United Kingdom, United States at least $50 in other rewards must first be redeemed for, in order to obtain PayPal access.

  • Gift cards

InstaGC only provides digital/electronic gift cards. No physical gift cards are sent.

Prior to your first gift card reward redemption (for all countries), you must pass the verification process. An automated phone call or text will be made to your phone number provided and a pin code must be confirmed before proceeding.

  • eCheck

An eCheck is an electronic payment and is emailed to the account holders email address on file (available to members from Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States). A $0.25 fee is assessed per redemption and they are typically processed within 1-3 business days.

  • Direct deposit

Direct deposit is an electronic payment option for USA only members and is sent to a specific account type (checking or savings), account number, and routing number. A fee of 15 points will be assessed for each redemption request. Requests are typically processed within 1-3 business days and typically received within 1-2 business days after being processed. 

  • Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin) are an exclusive/private reward option. You will have to redeem 5,000 points overall in other rewards first.

Conclusion – Should I join InstaGC or not?

InstaGC is one of the oldest and trustable reward sites. The site offers many earning opportunities especially for those residing at US, UK, CA, or AU. Also, the unlimited referral rewards increase the earning potential a lot. Therefore, I strongly suggest that you join InstaGC and start getting your rewards today!


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Author Profile

I am Bill and I am from Greece. I am an active user at many PTC and GPT sites.
Also, I participate in many other online income websites and I am always searching for new earning opportunities. In my posts, you will find info about those opportunities and how I manage to create an income online.


I am Bill and I am from Greece. I am an active user at many PTC and GPT sites. Also, I participate in many other online income websites and I am always searching for new earning opportunities. In my posts, you will find info about those opportunities and how I manage to create an income online.

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