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Earn money online for doing surveys – Beginner’s guide


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Taking surveys is one of the best ways to earn money online from GPT and some PTC sites. It requires zero expertise and cost as the providers are seeking only your opinion or experience. Companies are always interested in the opinions of consumers and they are willing to pay to get your feedback.
In this article, you will find information on how this earning opportunity works, how to qualify and what are the main issues that occur when doing such tasks.

How to qualify for online surveys

Survey providers are looking for specific groups of people when setting an online research. Different surveys may require a different set of criteria. The most common demographics are: age, gender, race, ethnicity, city, current occupation and household income. In order to qualify for surveys you should always set that information correctly. The most accurate you are the most likely is to get targeted with a survey. On many site GPT sites, there is a form to feel out with your personal details on the surveys page. You should have that informed and update it with new details when needed.

In addition to the basic demographics, some other criteria may be required to qualify for a survey. Some surveys will ask you if you made a specific purchase in the last few months or years. That can include anything from grocery to aeroplane tickets and many others. If you play a key role in a company (manager for example) you will have more chances to get targeted for a survey. That happens also if you are the one how makes the shopping decisions in the household.

The main acceptance criterion, though, is your country of origin. Members from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and other top-tier countries will have far more earning opportunities as those are targeted mainly from the advertisers and survey providers.

In many cases, you will not qualify for a survey after completing the first questions. That can be normal as the survey provider is seeking different profiles than yours. It may be frustrating to be rejected but this is how this online earning opportunity works. All you have to do is take action and answer honestly the questions.

How much money do surveys pay?

The payout varies from survey to survey depending on different factors. First of all is the length of the survey. The more time needed to complete the survey the higher the payout. Payouts may vary depending on the target group as surveys that target managers, for example, may have bigger rewards. In addition to this, the more specific and rare are the qualifications needed, the more likely, you will be paid more for your responses. 

In any case, your earnings will be determined from your willingness to take action and participate in survey sites.

Surveys, in general, pay from few cents to a few dollars depending on some of the factors we mentioned before. You will not get rich for taking surveys and if a site promises that it is most likely a scam and you should avoid joining.

Most sites offer several ways to get paid, so you can choose the method that fits you the best. The main option is Paypal. In addition to that, you will find sites that offer to pay you in Bitcoin, Payoneer, Skrill, check, gift cards, and more.

Not getting paid for a survey

In some cases, you will not get credited even after finishing the survey. This is very rare but can happen mainly due to the following reasons:
1. Giving false information. You should be accurate to the answers you are giving. Also, if the survey asks you to make some comments you must elaborate enough and not give gibberish or short answers. Many surveys are having some irrelevant questions to the actual survey to make sure that you are paying attention. For example, they may ask you to select a specific item as your answer. Or they can put the same question twice to compare your answers. Finally, all your answers must have a sequence and not giving mixed information. If you are paying attention when completing the survey it would be easy to avoid those mistakes and get credited.
2. Speeding through the process. Every survey has a predetermined time to complete. This is set by the survey providers and is expected from members to complete the survey within this timeframe. That ensures that you are paying attention when answering the questions. You should avoid completing the survey faster in order to get credited without any problems should the provider runs a quality check.

Tips on completing surveys online

Except from being accurate, honest and careful, there are some other things that you can do to earn more from surveys.

As we have seen before you should fill out your personal info at all the necessary forms that every site has. That would make easier to the researchers to track and send you surveys.

Many surveys are added throughout the day. It could be useful if you log in to the GPT sites many times per day to check if new tasks are added. Many members are up for the same surveys and many times the available places are filling up pretty quickly. When a survey is added, you want to take it as soon as possible.
When you are in the process of completing a survey you should be careful and not close the browser tab that has the survey page open. In that case, all your progress will be lost and you will not be able to start all over again.

To prevent from not getting credited, we recommend enabling at maximum the cookies in your internet browser (not partially as is the default) and clean the cookies and the cache just before starting each survey or offer. Similarly, you should not to have blocking cookies programs or have some similar options enabled in your antivirus system.


Doing surveys online is one of the easiest ways to earn some additional cash from your home. It is free and requires zero prior knowledge. You are just getting paid for sharing your thoughts and experience about several subjects. 

I hope that you have found my article useful and informative. If so, feel free to share it or leave a comment below.



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Author Profile

I am Bill and I am from Greece. I am an active user at many PTC and GPT sites.
Also, I participate in many other online income websites and I am always searching for new earning opportunities. In my posts, you will find info about those opportunities and how I manage to create an income online.


I am Bill and I am from Greece. I am an active user at many PTC and GPT sites. Also, I participate in many other online income websites and I am always searching for new earning opportunities. In my posts, you will find info about those opportunities and how I manage to create an income online.

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